InFocus: "Structural Genomics-A New Field Unfolds"

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April 4, 2002

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Bio.com’s next InFocus Webcast, "Structural Genomics: A New Field Unfolds"
is scheduled for Friday, April 5 at 10am Pacific Time (1 pm ET).

The developing field of structural genomics seeks to determine 
three-dimensional protein structures on a large scale and promises 
to accelerate the discovery of small molecules that interfere with
protein function. Achieving this goal requires the optimization of
high-throughput methods for protein family classification, target
selection, expression and crystallization of protein samples, and
structure determination and analysis. Bio.com has invited leaders in
the field to discuss the technological advances being developed for 
the rapid elucidation of all fundamental protein structures and their
impact on the drug discovery process.

Join us for a live discussion featuring these guests:

-Raymond Stevens
Professor, The Scripps Research Institute
Co-founder, Syrrx

-Wayne A. Hendrickson
Professor, Columbia University
Co-founder, Structural GenomiX

-John Norvell
Director, Protein Structure Initiative

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*Bio.com's InFocus Webcast, "BioIT: Knowledge Management" was broadcast
Thursday, March 7, 2002.

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