Announce: Release of the Microsoft Windows version of Panmo

Press, CSWI press at chi-square-works.com
Mon Apr 8 02:23:28 EST 2002

We would like to announce the release of the Microsoft Windows version
of Panmo.  Panmo is an interactive, dynamic visualization environment
for data mining.  It uses intuitive user interface to empower users to
quickly clear out the underbrush of numerous questions when they are
facing large and complex data sets.

Panmo utilizes graphics extensively because graphics can let data talk
for themselves and convey more information than simple numerical
summaries.  Graphics is also an integral part of its user interface. 
Panmo allows users to look at a plot and, by interacting with graphical 
symbols in the plot, retrieve data from the database.  The data so 
retrieved can be passed to functions of the system by interactive graphics. 
The data retrieved and the analysis results generated in this way can be 
in the form of plots again and ready for further graphical manipulation 
and query.

Panmo can be used anywhere you would like to explore and make the most 
out of your data, for example, ecology, microarray data analysis, drug
discovery, etc.  

In addition to the Microsoft Windows version, Panmo is also available on
Linux/Unix platforms.  Please visit http://chi-square-works.com for 
details and a trial edition of Panmo.

Best wishes,

The Chi-Square Works, Inc.
press at chi-square-works.com

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