Hybridization Acceleration Platform

Lightools Research John S. Fox ltr at lightools.com
Fri Apr 26 03:21:30 EST 2002

LT-100X Hybridization Acceleration Platform is a new and revolutionary
magnetic kinetic technology for the speeding up of hybridization reactions.
The system is based on proprietary patent pending technology. The speed
improvement is between 2x and 10x. Final speed improvement depending on a
number of factors including: size of the probe, probe concentration,
reaction volume and target concentration The magnetic kinetic technology
method works with most current hybridization chambers and the majority of
glass slides. Current fluorescent detection methods are unaffected. With
this technology typically overnights take less than an hour. An additional
benefit of this technology is that, because of the resultant probe
concentration, less target probe is required to generate a similar amount of
signal than is typically used in conventional hybridization.
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