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July 31, 2002

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Bio.com's next InFocus Webcast, "Cellular Signaling," is scheduled
for Thursday, August 1st at 1pm Pacific Time (4 pm ET).

Cellular signaling refers to the cascade of molecular events that
convert extracellular signals into specific cellular responses.
Almost all known diseases have been linked to signaling pathways
gone awry leading to an explosion in signal transduction-based drug
discovery efforts. While much progress has been made in deciphering
these cascades, the complex networks of enzymatic reactions and
protein-protein interactions are still far from being completely
understood. This InFocus feature will cover some of the remaining
challenges in trying assemble a complete, quantitative, and dynamic
picture of cellular signaling cascades and the emerging technologies
being developed to address these challenges.

Join us for a live discussion featuring these leaders in the field:

-Stephen Michnick
Department of Biochemistry
University of Montreal

-Rama Ranganathan
Department of Pharmacology
HHMI Investigator
UT Southwestern Medical Center

-Roger Tsien
Departments of Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biochemisty
HHMI Investigator
UC San Diego

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