Who's here?

Gys de Jongh GysdeJongh at planet.nl
Fri Feb 8 12:01:28 EST 2002

"Douglas Kerns" <RES0B40W at verizon.net> wrote in message
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> Just a ping to see who's listening.
> Anyone need specialized electronic hardware?
> Douglas Kerns
> Sigenics, Inc.
> http://www.sigenics.com
> Programmed Scientific Instruments, Inc.
> http://www.psi.to

I am here
There is a mailing list at : GENE-ARRAYS at ITSSRV1.UCSF.EDU
the moderator is : "Chandi Griffin" <aniya at itsa.ucsf.edu> it is the habitat of
exotic quoters and korean porn spammers. I advice you NOT to subscribe to the
yahoo group for this list , your primary mail adress will be spammed


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