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February 12, 2002
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===========================================================================’s next InFocus Webcast, "Real-Time PCR: Emerging Applications" is
scheduled for Wednesday, February 13 at 1 pm Pacific Time (4 pm ET).

As cost-effective, flexible real-time PCR platforms become increasingly
available, this powerful tool is moving beyond the domain of core
laboratory facilities. Widespread access to real-time PCR is giving
rise to a host of innovative applications, including gene expression
and pathogen detection. The discussion will explore using this
technique to tackle a variety of problems requiring the speed, accuracy
and sensitivity that only real-time PCR can offer. 

Join us for a live discussion featuring these leaders in the field of 
nucleic acid diagnostics:

-Norm Schaad
USDA Agricultural Research Service

-David Norwood
U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease

-Tony Godfrey
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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-Cepheid (
-Operon (

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*'s InFocus Webcast, "DNA Microarrays: Platforms and
Applications," was broadcast Wednesday, December 12, 2001.

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