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February 22, 2002
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1.  Science News: “Prescription Panic”
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3.  Career Fair: Genome 2002 Tri-Conference Career Fair Exhibition
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6.  Market Research:  “Marketing to Life Scientists: Keys to Success”


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-Environmentalist Biofraud?
“DNA Contamination Feared,” declared the Washington Post last fall.
“Gene-altered DNA may be ‘polluting’ corn,” warned USA Today. Both papers—as
well as many other media outlets around the world—were reporting the results
of a scientific study published in the prestigious journal Nature.

-Prescription Panic
Before September 11, U.S. policy toward pharmaceutical patents was clear:
The interests of the patent holder came first. However, the anthrax scare
that surfaced in October has managed to shake that policy to its roots.

-Introduction to Real-Time PCR
Real-time reverse-transcriptase (RT) PCR quantitates the initial amount of a
DNA template specifically, sensitively and reproducibly, and is a preferable
alternative to other forms of quantitative RT-PCR which detect the amount of
final amplified product.

-Getting to the “Meat” of Social Interaction
It’s little more than a dinner choice for most people, but meat - and the
cooperation involved in getting it - may be the foundation for modern-day
social interactions says a Texas A&M University anthropologist.

-Viral Proteins Associated with Brain Tumors
An association between a common virus and brain tumors has been established
by a group of researchers from Temple University, suggesting a possible role
for it in the development of the most frequent type of malignant brain tumor
in children.

-Enzyme Key to Toxoplasma Pathology
Researchers have discovered how to weaken a common human parasite to prevent
disease in an animal model after infection by the normal parasite. The work,
reported in the February 21, 2002 issue of Nature, opens new avenues for the
development of vaccines and other treatments for diseases such as

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1.  “Real-Time PCR:  Emerging Applications”
Broadcast Wednesday, February 13, 2002

*Click here to listen to the audio recording:

2.  “Advances in DNA & RNA Diagnostics”
Broadcast Thursday, January 31, 2002

*Click here to listen to the audio recording:

3.  “DNA Microarrays:  Platforms and Applications”
Broadcast Wednesday, December 12, 2001.

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=========================================================================== and Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Genome 2002 Tri-Conference Career Fair Exhibition

February 23, 2002

Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Your Resume

The Tri-Con Career Fair, organized by CHI and, provides job seekers
with a forum to interact with hiring managers and human resource 
professionals from some of the world’s leading biotech and pharmaceutical
organizations.  This is a first rate tool for matching your skills with the
right organization.  Put yourself on the fast track with some of the hottest
careers in the genomics industry; attend the Tri-Con Career Fair.  

In order to make your job searching experience more efficient and
productive, please bring several copies of your resume with you.  
The career fair is free to all attendees.  

Click here to pre-register for the event:


Itrac, LLC – Biotech/IT Recruitment.  Itrac recruiters specialize by 
skill-set, to ensure that the recruiter in your field knows the market 
and understands how to find the best possible fit for your skills, and 
your career goals.  With companies and positions spanning the field of
Biotech/Pharmaceuticals, whether you’re in R&D or Bioinformatics, have 
a PhD or a Bachelors – we can help.  Please view our careers page for
current openings.


Look at what’s new on Career Center this week:

1.  PowderJect Vaccines:  Director of Preclinical Toxicology

2.  BACHEM/Peninsula Laboratories:  Quality Assurance Analyst

3.  Midwest Research Institute (MRI):  Director-Proteomics Research Center

4.  Onyx Pharmaceuticals:  Quality Assurance Systems Manager

5.  Gradipore:  VP Sales

6.  Gladstone Institutes:  Postdoctoral Fellowship

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=========================================================================== offers the most comprehensive collection of market research
available on the web. Check out these latest additions:

-Marketing to Life Scientists: Keys to Success
This report is designed to help marketing professionals optimize their
marketing mix in the academic, industrial and government segments of the
life sciences market.

-Scientific and Medical Journals on the Web
This major study examines the complex issues facing Scientific, Technical &
Medical (STM) publishers as they confront the fast changing landscape of
electronic publishing.

-Functional Proteomics: Short-Cuts to Drug Discovery
Technical innovations that can dramatically reduce the time required to
develop new therapeutics are driving the emergence of a new research field
called functional proteomics, and companies engaging in this research could
see huge growth in coming years.

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