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January 4, 2001

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"Knock-out" Pig Is Cloned

Columbia, MO, January 3, 2002-Researchers from the University of
Missouri-Columbia and Immerge BioTherapeutics Inc. have reported they
have successfully cloned the world's first miniature swine with a
specific gene "knocked out" of their DNA. This particular knockout moves
scientists closer to making animal-to-human organ transplantation a
reality, offering additional hope to the more than 75,000 Americans
currently awaiting organs, 16 of whom die each day while waiting.

Turning Up the Heat on Liars

ROCHESTER, MINN.-A study that appears in the January 3, 2002 edition
of Nature has found that a new high-definition technology that involves
measurement of the heat patterns created by the face accurately
detected lying in more than 80 percent of cases studied. The new high
definition technology involves the measurement of the heat patterns
created by the face; these heat patterns change dramatically with lying.

Nanotube 'Peapods' Created

First came fullerenes, those cage-like molecules of 60 carbon atoms
bound in a ball. Then came long, thin soda straws of carbon atoms
called nanotubes. Now there are fullerenes nested within nanotubes,
like so many peas in a pod.

Study Suggests New Treatment for Type I Diabetes

New York, NY (January 2, 2002)-An article just published in the Journal
of Clinical Investigation sets out the results of an investigation into
the immune defects of some 60 persons with immune-mediated diabetes,
the most common form of type 1 diabetes. The study delineates precisely
what predisposes a person to this condition, and the latest, best
measures for diagnosis, prediction, and therapy. Above all, the authors
suggest a new strategy for combatting the disease: stimulate rather than
suppress the patient's immune system.

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Attracting Venture Capital: A Focused Business Plan

You're working hard exploring the depths of science with a view to
developing new platform technologies, ones that will have broad
application. But how do you make the leap to commercialization? What
is the key difference between a successful business plan-one that wins
funding-and the unsuccessful plan-one that fails to persuade a venture
capital firm? In most business plans that Foragen reviews, the common
failing is their lack of focus.

Contract Manufacturing: Specialization for a Demanding Market

Selecting the optimal contract manufacturer for a new biotechnology
product is a crucial step along the pathway from research to
commercialization. There are many "intangibles" in the selection
process that only the key decision makers in biotech companies can
assess-the more tangible considerations relating to specific facilities
and areas of expertise are the focus of this article.

A Biosecure Growth Chamber

SubTerra is an emerging biotechnology company in White Pine, Michigan,
Which was founded in January of 2000. The remodeled White Pine mine is
now the site of a sophisticated growth chamber. The company targets
biopharmaceutical markets, which require the ability to produce large
quantities of pharmaceutically active plant material at an accelerated

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2.  Itrac, LLC:  Software Engineer - Informatics

3.  R&D Systems:  Research Associate, Bioassay

4.  Pharmaceuticals Company:  Research Associate, Organic Synthesis

5.  Biotechnology Company:  Pharmacologist

6.  Genomics-Based Biopharmaceutical Company:  Director of

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The IN Cell Analyzer from Amersham Biosciences

Amersham's IN Cell Analyzer is a confocal imaging system that makes it
possible to analyze both live and fixed cells very rapidly and at high
resolution to obtain information-rich subcellular data.

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