Gene Quantification Mailing 16. July 2002

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Gene Quantification Mailing   16. July 2002

NEW features on
·       Housekeeping Gene & Normalisation in kinetic PCR
·       NEW VERSIONS  of   REST©   and  REST-XL©
·       NEW POSTERS   on  Poster Boards
·       Verification of array results  -  NEW PUBLICATIONS
·       real-time  PCR  and  RT-PCR  -  NEW PUBLICATIONS
·       Endocrinology  -  NEW PUBLICATIONS
·       PCR, RPA, Northern-Blot & Southern-Blot   MOVIES
·       Q-Gene Software    Processing of gene expression data generated by 
quantitative real-time RT-PCR
·       TATAA Biocenter:  q-PCR  Network of Excellence
·       NEW real-time PCR primer and probe Database

Main focus of GENE QUANTIFICATION web page is to describe
and summarize all technical aspects involved in quantitative
gene expression analysis using real-time PCR  &  RT-PCR.
( specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, intra- & inter-assay variations,
kinetic PCR efficiency calculation, optimisation strategy, etc.)

The GENE QUANTIFICATION web page illustrates the usefulness of a reliable
quantification strategy, and the difference between absolute vs. relative 
assays in kinetic PCR & kinetic RT-PCR.

RT-PCR is the technique of choice for analysing mRNA in extremely low 
Real-time RT-PCR using SYBR Green I detection combines the ease and necessary
exactness to be able to produce reliable as well as rapid results.
To obtain high accuracy and reliability in RT and real-time PCR highly defined
quantification strategies and calculation methods are needed.

For further questions contact Dr. Michael W. Pfaffl at
gene.quantification at

Gene Quantification @

e-mail:         gene.quantification at

responsible Senior Scientist:
Dr. Michael W. Pfaffl
Institute of Physiology
Life Science Center Weihenstephan,
Technical University of Munich
Weihenstephaner Berg 3
D-85350 Freising-Weihenstephan

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