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March 6, 2002

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===========================================================================’s next InFocus Webcast, "BioIT: Knowledge Management in Life
Science Research" is scheduled for Thursday, March 7 at 10am Pacific Time
(1 pm ET).

New knowledge management strategies and systems are being developed to 
allow researchers to visualize information related to enormous datasets 
and to allow them to interact with the data and the processing 
programs. has invited leaders in biology and information 
technology to discussion solutions that enable the efficient 
management, mining and analysis of information in the pharmaceutical 

Join us for a live discussion featuring these guests:

-David Pot
Director of Application Sciences, Informax

-Keith O. Elliston
President and CEO, Viaken Systems

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-InforMax (
-BioITWorld (

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a free Full Conference registration to the Bio/IT World Conference and 
Exposition, Boston or San Francisco, and to receive a free magnet:

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