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March 13, 2002

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-Molecular "Brooms" Aid Learning, Memory
Can't remember where you put your keys, or how to retrieve your voicemail?
Your brain's cleaning crew may be asleep on the job.

-Adaptable Nanotubes for Custom-Built Structures
Tiny self-assembled tubes, about 1/1,000th the width of a grain of sand, 
may now be used as a scaffold to custom-build molecular wires and other
components for use in nanometer-sized electronic devices, including some
that could be inserted into the body.

-Copper Not the Culprit in Familial ALS
After almost 10 years of research with cells and animals to learn what makes
a certain enzyme act as a "bad guy" in the progressive and fatal disease
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Johns Hopkins scientists report that 
a leading candidate -- copper -- is off the hook.

-Damage and Repair of Chromosomal DNA
Pinpointing oxygen as the cause of routine chromosome damage and defining 
the role of a key protein in the repair of that damage are the subjects of 
two recently published papers from the laboratory of USC/Norris 
Comprehensive Cancer Center pathologist Michael Lieber, the Rita and Edward 
Polusky Chair in Basic Cancer Research at the Keck School of Medicine.

-Novel Gas Sensors Based on Porous Silicon
A new type of sensor based on porous silicon and a unique metallization 
process could offer enhanced sensitivity, reduced power demands and lower 
cost compared to existing technologies for detecting gaseous compounds 
important in environmental, food and biomedical applications.

-Genetic Susceptibility to Anorexia Nervosa
A multi-center, international collaborative team of researchers is the 
first to identify a region on chromosome 1 that may contain genes that 
make an individual vulnerable to developing anorexia nervosa.

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1)  “BioIT: Knowledge Management”
Broadcast Thursday, March 12, 2002

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2)  “Real-time PCR: Emerging Applications”
Broadcast Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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=========================================================================== offers the most comprehensive online Career Center in the life
sciences industry.

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1.  Corus Pharma:  Director of Regulatory Affairs

2.  Specialty Laboratories: Cytogenetic Technologist

3.  Syntonix Pharmaceuticals: Analytical Scientist Description:

4.  Henry Ford Health System:  Post-doctoral Fellow,

5.  M Squared:  BioPharma Consultant

6.  Gradipore:  VP of Sales


Inhale Therapeutic Systems:

Inhale develops advanced drug delivery solutions for the biopharmaceutical
industry. Inhale is focused on 3 main opportunities: improved delivery of
macromolecules, including peptides and proteins; improved performance of
small molecule inhaleables for local lung indications; and improved
performance of drug powders for oral, injectable and pulmonary delivery.
Please view our careers page for current openings.

=========================================================================== offers the most comprehensive collection of market research
available on the web. Check out these latest additions:

-Drug Discovery Technologies & Strategies 2001: Increasing Efficacy
and Profitability-Focus Report
"Drug Discovery Technologies & Strategies 2001: Increasing Efficacy and
Profitability" will interest anyone who works in drug discovery and
development. No matter what your area of expertise, the chapters in 
this Focus Report will enhance your understanding of the progression 
of drug discovery technologies, which strategies have and have not 
made sense, and why the decisions you make today will affect your 
profitability for years to come.

-Biotechnology & Life Sciences 2001 Venture Capital Report
During 2001, 610 privately held biotechnology and life sciences
companies received $7.1 billion in venture capital according to
Growthink Research's newly released Biotechnology & Life Sciences
2001 Venture Capital Report.  This report analyzes venture 
capital in the biotechnology and life
sciences sector and profiles each of the 610 companies that received
venture capital and the 275 investors that funded two or more ventures.

-BioFab, From Technologies to Products and Services
This report gives market and technologies analysis and profiles of
more than 130 companies worldwide in the field of Biochips,
Microfluidic components and Biosensors.

=========================================================================== offers a very comprehensive selection of Life Science related
software. Check out these latest additions:

-FreezerWorks 5
A major upgrade of the popular FreezerWorks and CLIP sample tracking
and freezer inventory software. Both programs are now combined in 
FreezerWorks 5, a powerful Windows, Macintosh, and NT based system.
Whether storing samples for long or short term, FreezerWorks 5 
improves on a popular program known to save busy clinical and 
research laboratories and repositories two or more hours a day
previously spent searching for samples.

-Array Designer 2
DNA Microarray Software: Batch PCR primer design and hybridization
probe design tool for Windows.

-HyperNMR Release 2.0
HyperNMR brings significant new chemistry to the desktop in an easy 
to use form. HyperNMR can load a molecular system using different file 
formats, including a Z-matrix format or the HIN format of HyperChem.
Molecular systems can also be transferred directly into HyperNMR via 
Dynamic Data Exchange from HyperChem. The molecular system can then be 
displayed using various rendering methods.

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