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Fourth annual summer Bioinformatics workshops at the Biopharmaceutical
Technology Center Institute in Madison, WI.

Techniques in Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics
June 17 - 21, 2002

Objectives and Goals: This five-day intensive computer laboratory course is
designed to help participants construct a working library of bioinformatic
tools and resources. The format will combine lectures and interactive
problem-solving sessions with each participant working individually at a
computer. The flow of the course will move from traditional sequence
analysis techniques to the opportunities afforded by large-scale genomic
information. Afternoon research seminars by the instructors will sample
academic and private sector visions of bioinformatics and highlight creative
approaches to utilizing genomic data. (Please note: this course is designed
to provide an overview of the field; detailed training in specific packages
will not be provided.)

Instructors include:

Jeff Blanchard, Ph.D., National Center for Genome Resources
Tim Burland, Ph.D., DNASTAR, Inc.
Mike Jensen-Seamen, Ph.D., Human and Molecular Genetics Center, Medical
College of Wisconsin
Ann Palmenberg, Ph.D., Institute for Molecular Virology, Department of
Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin
Nicole Perna, Ph.D., Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, School of
Veterinary Science, University of Wisconsin
Jean-Yves Sgro, Ph.D., Institute for Molecular Virology, University of
Michael Slater, Ph.D., Promega Corporation

Computational Approaches to Analyzing Gene Expression Data
June 24 - 28, 2002

Objectives and Goals: Microarray technology is creating exciting new
experimental opportunities and uses in medical diagnostics. To effectively
use this data biologists will need to incorporate techniques from
statistics, bioinformatics and computer science into their tool kits. This
"hands on" computer course will include modules on microarray technology,
experimental design, data management, statistics, data mining techniques,
diagnostics, arrays as a phenotype, using prior knowledge to constrain
analyses and modeling techniques. It is geared for people in molecular
biology lab groups and mathematical or computation scientists entering the
field of bioinformatics. Instructors will include bench scientists,
bioinformaticians, statisticians and computer scientists.

Instructors include:

Jeff Blanchard, Ph.D., National Center for Genome Resources
Bob Mau, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Brian Yandell, Ph.D., Departments of Statistics, Horticulture and Program in
Biometry, University of Wisconsin
Jeremy Glassner, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Todd Peterson, National Center for Genome Resources

For more information see http://www.btci.org/courses/CoursesList/COURSES.HTM


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