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November 20, 2002

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"DNA Microarrays 2002," is scheduled for
Thursday, November 21st at 10am Pacific Time (1pm ET).

DNA microarrays have become an indispensable tool for high-throughput
gene expression analysis. While the ability to perform microarray
experiments has become fairly routine, microarray technology
continues to be a dynamic and developing process. As labs around the
world generate increasingly complex datasets, attention is focusing on
the quality of the data and the methods used to analyze and interpret
the results. This InFocus feature will cover the efforts to increase
the generation of statistically significant microarray results
through improving the experimental process, data quality assessment
and data analysis.

Join us for a live discussion featuring these leaders in the field:

-Robert Nadon
Associate Professor,
McGill University
Principal Investigator,
Montreal Genome Centre 

-Michael Heller
Professor of Bioengineering and
Electrical and Computer Engineering

-Jay P. Tiesman
Senior Scientist, 
Genomics Group Leader
Procter & Gamble, 
Miami Valley Labs

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