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October 16, 2002

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"Advances in Protein Array Technology," is scheduled for
Thursday, October 17th at 10am Pacific Time (1pm ET).

Protein array technologies are being developed to meet the
growing need for quantitative methods to analyze large numbers
of proteins in a miniaturized and highly parallel format. This
promising tool can be used to identify proteins from complex
mixtures, simultaneously assay multiple proteins, and examine
the interactions of proteins with other proteins, small molecules,
or DNA. While the expected applications range from diagnostics to
proteomics to drug discovery, the lag in bringing protein arrays
to market reflects the significant barriers to overcome including
protein stability, attachment of proteins to solid supports, and
sensitive detection methods. This InFocus discussion will cover
these developmental challenges and the potential applications of
protein array technologies.

Join us for a live discussion featuring these leaders in the field:

-Larry Gold
Chief Executive Officer

-Enrico Picozza
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer
HTS Biosystems

-Egisto Boschetti
VP, Research and Development

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