Hybridization reproducibility using total RNA

Jose Luis Carrasco jlcarrasco at ibmcp.upv.es
Thu Aug 28 03:12:36 EST 2003

  Dear colleagues,

  We intend to hybridize some DNA microarrays with
fluorescent cDNAs derived from total RNA populations.
We have heard that some people have experienced low 
reproducibility in the results of the hybridizations
when using probes derived from total RNA. Is that
common? Any hint or advice on whether using total
RNA or poly A+ mRNA as starting material for probe
labelling will be highly appreciated.

  Many thanks in advance.


  Jose L. Carrasco

Jose L. Carrasco, Ph.D.
Instituto de Biologia Molecular y Celular de Plantas
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Avenida Los Naranjos, s/n
46022 Valencia (Spain)
Email: jlcarrasco at ibmcp.upv.es
Phone: 34-963877864
Fax: 34-963877859


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