Call for PAPERS - 1st International qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop

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Wed Nov 12 04:17:34 EST 2003

First International qPCR Symposium  &  Application Workshop
Transcriptomics, Clinical Diagnostics  &  Gene Quantification3rd - 6th
March, 2004 in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

Call for Papers:

Abstract submission deadline = 15th November 2003

The symposium proceedings including all Abstract, Posters and Oral
Presentations and will be published on the Symposium & Gene
Quantification Homepage.

Reviews / Minireviews
Good symposium contributions will be selected writing Reviews and/or
Minireviews for
Clinical Chemistry.  These would be peer-reviewed through the regular
Clinical Chemistry process.

Full Papers
Full Publications presented at the Symposium can be submitted to
Biological Ckemistry.
These would be peer-reviewed through the regular Biological Chemistry

The Symposium and the Application Workshop presents unbiased
international lectures & posters about quantification strategies,
normalisation methods & new algorithms for exact nucleic acid
quantification in the broad range of qPCR applications:
Transcriptomics, Clinical Diagnostics, Food Hygiene  &  GMO,
Expression profiling, Microbiology, Pharmacogenomics, Forensic,
Nutrigenomics, Molecular Endocrinology, cDNA Array Verification,
Theoretical qPCR, Pre-analytical Steps  &  RT, Isolation of Nucleic
More than 35 internationally renown speakers will be participating in
a lively and exciting programme enabling the valuable exchange of
information in the qPCR field. As a special guest we can announce
Prof. Carl Wittwer from the Institute of pathology at the University
of Utah School of Medicine. He is an associate editor of Clinical
Chemistry, and best known for developing techniques in rapid-cycle PCR
and as the inventor of the LightCycler.
Parallel to the Symposium an Industrial Exhibition will take place
along with the congress, where an intensive conversation with numerous
companies is possible (real-time PCR Cyclers, Kit Producers, Nucleic
Acid Purification Systems, Enzyme Producers, Plasticware Suppliers,
etc.). 21 companies agreed to participate at the Industrial
thank all Sponsors of the Symposium:
Platinum Sponsor – Roche Diagnostics
Gold Sponsor – BioRad
Gold Sponsor – MJ Research
Silver Sponsor – ABI Applied Biosystems
Silver Sponsor – Invitrogen
Silver Sponsor – Qiagen
Silver Sponsor - Stratagene

Symposium organisation & registration:

Registration Form (PDF)

Registration Form (DOC)

for further information, registration and Abstract submission
(deadline 15th November 2003) please contact:

best regards

Michael Pfaffl

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