WORKSHOP: Sept 20-21, Analysis and Interpretation of Microarray Experiments, BBSRC, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK

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Mon Jun 7 03:27:16 EST 2004

This is an early announcement of a forthcoming workshop:

BBSRC Workshop on Analysis and Interpretation of Microarray Experiments

   20-21 September 2004, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ UK

Microarrays have become the standard technique for high-throughput 
determination of gene expression, but there is still great diversity in
approaches taken in experimental design and data analysis. There is a
to identify best practice and standardise. There are also increasing
efforts to 
link gene expression data to genetics, proteomics and metabolomics.
topics will be addressed in the workshop by recognised experts.

The workshop is sponsored by the BBSRC and will be of interest to anyone

involved in the development and application of bioinformatics,
and mathematical methods for microarray data analysis and

To register your interest and receive more information send e-mail to

>>>>>  mailto:arraywkshp at lists.bbsrc.ac.uk

Workshop fee: 	UKP 30 (inclusive of refreshments and conference dinner)

Accommodation: 	will be available at a local hotel at competitive rates

Posters:	Posters relevant to the agenda will be invited


Confirmed speakers and presentations

*	Prof. Ritsert Jansen, (University of Groningen) 
	Combining Microarrays and Genetic Analysis
*	Prof. Ernst Wit, (University of Glasgow) 
	Optimal Design of Microarray Experiments
*	Prof. Martin Kuiper, (Ghent University) 
	Data Analysis Pipelines and Data Standardisation
*	Dr Anne-Mett Hein, (Imperial College, London) 
	Affymetrix & mixed model analysis 
*	Prof. Gos Micklem  (University of Cambridge) 
	Linking microarrays to Functional Genomics Data 
	Lessons from FlyChip & FlyMine
*	Dr  Joachim Selbig (Max Planck Institute, Golm) 
	Linking microarrays to Post-genomic Datasets
*	Dr. Dov Stekel (Bius) 
	Optimal detection of differentially expressed genes
*	Prof. Wolfgang Huber (DKFZ Germany) 
	Bias and variance of statistics for differential expression
*	Dr. Michael Watson (Institute of Animal Health) 
	Data Analysis pipelines
*	Dr. Sean May (Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre)  
	Quality Control and Data Analysis for Arabidopsis Transcriptome


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