[Arrays] BIOSCI/Bionet has a new home

BIOSCI Administrator biosci at net.bio.net
Wed Jun 15 16:58:58 EST 2005

  Dear ARRAYS readers,
  BIOSCI/Bionet is the long-running Biology news and discussion groups.
  The management of these groups has been handled ably at MRC/Rosalind
  Franklin Centre for several years now.  They are turning over
  management to me, Don Gilbert, at Indiana University Biology
  department. The MRC/RFC folks deserve our thanks for their devotion to
  maintaining this useful and unique biology news service.
  Web access continues at    http://www.bio.net/ 
  Find there ARRAYS links to Read/Subscribe/Post messages.
  E-mail postings continue to be through arrays @ net.bio.net

  The new home is at IUBio Archive, iubio.bio.indiana.edu, which I've
  maintained for over 15 years. The names net.bio.net and www.bio.net,
  and their related BIOSCI roles continue to work. Please keep using
  these bio.net addresses, they will continue when the host computer changes.
  There may be some hiccups over the coming weeks as the new BIOSCI home
  gets a work out.  Please bear with us, and let us know if problems
  persist longer. 
  Regards, Don Gilbert
  Biology Dept., Indiana University
  Bloomington, Indiana, USA  47405
  BIOSCI help mail:  biosci-help @ net.bio.net

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