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Dear researcher,
dear Gene Quantification page user,

our newsletter inform about the latest news in quantitative real-time
PCR (qPCR and qRT-PCR), which are summarised on our Gene
Quantification homepage. The focus of the March 2005 newsletter is
BioInformatics and Statistics in qPCR

·	New Section - Primer resources 
·	PCR - Lab on a chip
·	NAR 2004 vol 32 (Web Server issue)
·	NAR 2005 vol 33 (Database issue)
·	electronic PCR
·	real-time qPCR efficiency

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary approach to discribe, model and
understand biological processes on basis of information on genes,
proteins and metabolism. It uses computers, data bases and algorythms
to link information and translate it back into physiology or
Database management systems, Data mining, Sample tracking, Information
management, Data acquisition, Data analysis, Statistics, Pattern
recognition and classification, Simulation and modeling
Bioinformatics initially centered on sequence and genome analysis but
now the extensive use of microarrays, mass spectrometry, qPCR and
qRT-PCR, has stimulated bioinformatic work in data acquisition, signal
processing, and data mining. Also, simulation and modeling are
becoming increasingly important areas of focus in bioinformatics which
finally will lead to a new level of understanding the networks in the
metabolism: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Splicomics, Proteomics,
Metabolomics, etc.

A lot of links and info on the newly designed primer page
( updated )
·	LNA SNP genotype analysis and validation using real-time PCR using a
SDM method (Johnson et al. 2004)
·	Sigmoidal curve-fitting redefines quantitative real-time PCR with
the prospective of developing automated high-throughput applications.
(Rutledge 2004)
·	Improved real-time RT-PCR method for high-throughput measurements
using second derivative calculation and double correction. (Luu The et
al. 2005)
·	Accurate and statistically verified quantification of relative mRNA
abundances using SYBR Green I and real-time RT-PCR (Marino et al.
·	Effect of DNA damage on PCR amplification efficiency with the
relative threshold cycle method (Sikorsky et al. 2004)
·	Amplification effiency of thermostable DNA polymerases (Arezi
et al. 2003)

Movies and animted picture presentations about molecular biological
·	Nothern Blot
·	Cloning
·	DNA replication
·	transcription
·	Mitosis
·	Meiose
·	Gel Electrophoresis
·	.....................and much more

Fifty Years of Molecular (DNA/RNA) Diagnostics
TR Gingeras, R Higuchi, LJ Kricka, YMD Lo,  CT Wittwer

Tools and Technologies for Real-Time PCR 
Biocompare's qPCR Tutorial presents researchers with an overview of
real-time qPCR, identifies the advantages and disadvantages of the
various detection technologies, outlines the key issues for optimizing
experimental design and offers a brief description of the various
methods used for data analysis.


An Alta Vista BabelFish translation service of our English written
Gene Quantification homepage is available. Translation of the homepage
content in Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian,
Portuguese and Spanish.

After a short adaption time it is planned, that the BabelFish
translation service will be available for all qPCR sub-pages.


A lot of links and keywords are listed in our DIRECTORY:

..........or use the internal GOOGLE search function

worldwide academic and commercial qPCR Events are listed at
Symposia, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Online-Seminars,
qPCR Education Program, LightCycler University, .................etc.
submit your qPCR event here  events at gene-quantification.info 
qPCR 2005
2nd International qPCR Symposium & Industrial Exhibition & Application
The whole story of quantitative PCR – from Tissue Preparation to
5 - 9th September 2005 in Freising-Weihenstephan, 
Technical University of Munich, Physiology Weihenstephan, Germany

3rd qPCR Symposium
A discussion forum for quantitative PCR and RT-PCR
Thistle Tower Hotel, London
25 and 26th April 2005

World DNA and Genome Day in China, April, 25 - 30  2005
Mission Statement To provide a worldwide platform across cultural
information exchanges and education/ training program in life Sciences
for next generation.
Vision To form a global union of information providers for all
bioscientific professionals and decision makers. To celebrate the
achievements in life sciences each years with conference, expositions,
lectures, tech  tours and training programs for both developing and
developed countries.

Discovery Science & Biotechnology 
May 4-6, 2005, Rydges Melbourne, Australia
A conference for molecular bioscientists.

Stratagene Research Grant Program
Researchers with any level of real-time QPCR experience working in
non-profit research are eligible to participate. The grant program is
open only to researchers in the following countries: Austria, Belgium,
France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the
United Kingdom. more info

Please send the qPCR NEWS to further scientists and friends who are
interested in qPCR and in our Academic & Industrial Information
Platform for qPCR.

best regards

Michael Pfaffl
Editor of the Gene Quantification Pages

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