[Arrays] Bioinformatics for Systems Biology, October 2009

Heather Vincent via arrays%40net.bio.net (by Heather.Vincent from manchester.ac.uk)
Mon Aug 10 04:35:30 EST 2009

The online course, Bioinformatics for Systems Biology, from The 
University of Manchester, will begin again in October 2009.  Like all 
our distance courses it is delivered in a Virtual Learning Environment, 
which allows us to extend the classroom into the web.  We use a range of 
tools, such as bulletin boards, chat rooms and wikis, to support our 
online teaching activities.

Each course, which is paced to suit those in full-time employment, runs 
over 16 teaching weeks.  Teaching is focussed around tutor-supported 
individual and group exercises.  In this course, participants discuss a 
tutorial problem for each section of the course, and then submit 
solutions for feedback from the course tutor.

Week 1			Introduction to the course
        			Installation of software for network analysis

Weeks 2 and 3		Molecular networks in biology
			Group discussion of models and modelling

Weeks 4 and 5		Standards for Systems Biology
        			Data sources and standards for network biology
			Practical exploration of a molecular network

Weeks 6 and 7		Network properties
			Practical exercise on network statistics

Weeks 8 and 9		Mapping microarray data to a network

Weeks 10 and 11		Independent work on network analysis

Weeks 12 and 13		Dynamic models
			Further work on modelling formalisms
			Practical exercise on a metabolic model

Weeks 14 to 16		Independent research for the second assessment

You will find further information here : 
http://octette.cs.man.ac.uk/bioinformatics/modules/BIOL61820.html and 
the course application form is here : 
https://elearn.cs.man.ac.uk/sts-tng/enrol.cgi  If you have any 
questions, or need advice on the other course options, please contact 
Heather.Vincent from manchester.ac.uk

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