[Arrays] Microarray data analysis, and other distance courses

Heather Vincent via arrays%40net.bio.net (by Heather.Vincent from manchester.ac.uk)
Wed Jan 5 03:48:45 EST 2011

At the University of Manchester, UK, we have over 10 years experience in
teaching a range of distance courses in computational biology. Programme 
participants can take one or two courses for professional development, 
or can apply to complete a formal qualification.  For example, the 
following courses will provide a number of the key skills required for 
biological data analysis:

Biocomputing (perl and database design)
Bioinformatics for Systems Biology (An introduction to biological networks.)
Mathematics for metabolic modelling (An introduction to modelling
approaches, using R)
Introduction to microarray data analysis, using Bioconductor  (This 
course has been updated to include an introduction to RNA-seq)

Each course, which is paced to suit those in full-time employment, runs
over 16 teaching weeks.

The next courses begin on 7 March 2011.  For further information, please 
visit : http://octette.cs.man.ac.uk/bioinformatics/index.html

If you have any questions, or would like advice on the options, please
contact the office for Advanced Professional Education (ape from cs.man.ac.uk).

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