[Arthropod] More aphid gene duplicates, for insecticide resistance

Don Gilbert via arthropod%40net.bio.net (by gilbertd from net.bio.net)
Fri Jun 25 15:54:31 EST 2010

Here is a new report of new gene duplications in an Aphid, which
seems to grow new genes easily where needed, for insecticide
resistance in this case,

in contrast to the body louse we just learned of, that lives
by sucking up our blood with a minimal gene set.

This makes me wonder just how labile the eukaryote genomes we
have studied are?  Notice the lab-rat of insect world, Drosophila
mel, has the smallest gene set next to body louse (and apparently
smallest among 12 drosophila).  Is this, in part, from genes lost 
during this Dmel's salad decades of life in the lab bottles of 
Morgan, Sturtevant, Muller and friends?

-- Don
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