[Arthropod] Re: Six ancient arthropod gene groupings: who would like to describe them?

don gilbert via arthropod%40net.bio.net (by gilbertd from indiana.edu)
Sat Jun 26 13:50:52 EST 2010

> I've located 6 sets of ancient conserved gene groupings, in
> daphnia thru diptera.  Is there someone who would like to write
> these into a paper, adding some biology?
> .. from data at http://arthropods.eugenes.org/

One of these 6 pairs is even more ancient, a conserved pairing from  
nematodes thru humans. It is known as such within the vertebrates, but  
so far I've not found a paper that has identified this much more  
ancient pairing.  In all genomes, the pairing is reverse tandem  
(5'-5').  Expression is strongest in embryos for both genes (in  
drosmel, daphnia, and worm), dropping off in adults.  Does this whet  
anyone's appetite to help write a simple paper?

Of the other 5, one may be conserved outside arthropods, but not as  
broadly.  A few others are not apparently conserved grouping outside  
arthropods, but one pair seems to have one ortholog in nematodes, the  
other's best match is in humans with no obvious nematode ortholog.

- Don

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