Acoustio neuromas help!

Tom Boismier, MPH teb at
Tue Apr 25 09:00:27 EST 1995

In article <D7K9FE.9Dq at> bgiven at (Brian Given) writes:
>From: bgiven at (Brian Given)

>Hi folks:  I know this may be a bit off base for this group but I
>would be very grateful if anyone could provide information about the
>treatment of acoustio neuromas, especially using the gamma knife
>treatment. Any information, experiences or citations would be very
>much appreciated.

Brian, see the book NEUROTOLOGY, Jackler, RK and Brackmann ed, DE, 1994, 
Mosby-Year Book Inc, ISBN 0-8016-6383-0, chapter 41 for a good 
general discussion and references to other works.

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