Hair Cell Regrowth

John Gourley exti047 at
Thu Aug 3 01:13:23 EST 1995

In article <173EE98E0S85.MBTINSZ1 at>, MBTINSZ1 at (Mike Tinsley) writes:
> Hello all,
>   A while back I was reading a science article that said scientists had
> discovered that hair cells in the ear actually can regrow and repair
> just takes a long time for them to do so.  Has anyone else
> heard of this?  If so, could you make some comments on it?
>        Thanks,
>            Mike Tinsley

I attended a seminar not so long ago about inner hair cell regeneration, it
basically showed that neural connections to the inner hair cell can reform
after trauma to the cell body. (That was in, you guessed it, Guinea Pigs)

I'm not really up to speed on the state of play as regards outer hair cells,
but I will check out the July "Hearing Journal" - just to see if those
physiology boffins are going to put us all out of a job!(:-0)


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