Flying and pain in my ears

Dawna Lewis LEWIS at BoysTown.ORG
Tue Dec 5 09:31:48 EST 1995

>To all,
>     Please help.  When i fly in an airplane, my ears, at times, experience
>pain.  This happenes mainly when the airplane is acending or
>decending.  Chewing gun, etc seems to not help this situation :-{(+ .
>ALL help is ALWAYS appreciated.  Thanks for your time.  It IS 
>     Enjoy the music,
>     Steven
>  Enjoy the Music
>Gainesville, Florida
My daughter, who has chronic sinus problems and often experiences pain as the
plane descends, has recently used some new ear plugs called "EarPlanes".  They 
are designed to reduce discomfort during take-off and landing by slowing the
pressure change in the ear.  From a personal, not professional, standpoint, my 
daughter did report that she had much less discomfort when she used these and
asked for them the next time we flew.  At our facility, we first got
information about these plugs through Westone, the company where we order
earmolds.  Later, however, I saw them in our local Target store here in Omaha. 
They might be worth a try.

Dawna Lewis

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