Frequency Transposition Hearing Aids ??

Luc Chabot ap099 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Thu Dec 7 12:39:50 EST 1995

Hello folks, I'm doing a favor for somebody and she would like to know if
anybody has heard of Frequency Transposition Hearing Aids?  I'm clueless
about this, but this hearing aid is supposed to convert high frequencies
into more audible lower frequencies. She heard about this new technolgy on
the news a few weeks ago.  Do digital hearing aids do this?  She doesn't
want an implant, though.

I've read some of the audiology archives and I've checked out the web page
for Oticon and their new DigiFocus digital signal processor controlled
hearing aid.  Does this hearing aid convert unheard frequencies into
audible ones??

Is there any other companies that have similar products? Would you be so
kind to post their name and a phone number (or anything) if possible.

Thank your very much.  My friend's hearing loss is accelerating rapildly
so she's really interested in new technologies.

Luc Chabot
ap099 at
or lchabot at
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