OAEs...your opinions?

Rogue2 STU_LCBRAZ at vax1.acs.jmu.edu
Thu Dec 7 14:00:52 EST 1995

In <49vtmp$1200 at usenetp1.news.prodigy.com> SZFF25C at prodigy.com writes:

> That is my concern as well, Mark, only you said it better.
> Michael Ridenhour

Could someone please repost the reply that this post is in reply to?
(does this make sense?) :)  I posted the *original*, but I don't know
what Mr. Ridenhour is replying to...who knows...it may show up in
another day or two!  I'd like to know what "Mark" had to say. :)
Just as an aside, I know with our server if we don't choose to post
things "world" (as opposed to "local") nobody else ever sees it but
those in our area.  But we also get some replies before we get the
original posts...so this could just be a time delay thing.

-Laura Braz
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA

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