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In article <3t9gdt$mk2 at>, uncaud at (UNCAud) says:
>As I said in my intro, I am a second year masters student in audiology. I
>am very interested in going on to obtain my Ph.D. as I want to teach/
>conduct research. Does anyone know of any joint Ph.D./CFY programs in
>audiology. I called ASHA but they only have a listing of Ph.D. programs
>with no info on the CFY part. I have called a few programs but it gets
>awfully expensive for many long distance phone calls during the day.
>Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

I would suggest looking for a program in a city that has CFY positions
readily available.  There are many cities with audiology programs that
are flooded with audiologists and hence little to no open CFY positions.
Be sure to ask other masters students and Ph.D. students whether finding
a CFY in that town is feasible.

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