Possible permanent hearing loss from concert?

William R. Penrose wpenrose at interaccess.com
Mon Jul 31 15:25:49 EST 1995

In article <drogers-3007951319570001 at ip035.lax.primenet.com> drogers at primenet.com (David D. Rogers) writes:

>I went to a rock concert that took place between Thrusday night/Friday
>morning. Over the various acts, I estimate the total combined length of
>the music was around 3 1/2 hours, and while I don't know what the level of
>intensity was, it was louder than any concert I've been to in recent
>memory. (Along with that, I was also within 15-25 feet away from the
>speakers towards the final act.)
>Is this account consistant with permanant hearing loss, and is there a
>chance that most or all of my previous hearing range will be recovered? 

I've had the same experience, with a week or so until my hearing seemed OK.  
But supposedly there is a slight deficit each time you are exposed, so the 
effect is cumulative even though you seem to recover fully.

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