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>RE: Comments on multiband compression hearing aids
>This list is not exhaustive (it changes nearly daily), but the list of
>manufacturers with multiband compression hearing aids includes: Danavox,
>Oticon, Resound, Siemens, 3M, Unitron,  and others.

Is the Phonak PICS multi-channel? I'm not that familiar with it.

>The maximum number of channels
>available currently is 3, but is likely to change with digital hearing aids
>and as hearing aids continue to become more programmable.

Was the Ensoniq multi-channel or was it single channel with multiple tone 

What is the current thinking about the need for compression in the high 
frequencies? I believe that Oticon has compression only in the low-frequency 
channel. Going along with this idea, when we fit high-frequency ski-slope 
hearing losses, would linear be the preferred choice? Or is there some value 
from putting compression circuitry in the high-frequency channel such as 
some of the other manufacturers do?

Paul Woodard :-)
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