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Mon Jun 5 10:17:17 EST 1995

soundhrg at (SoundHrg) wrote:
> I will have the opportunity to sit down next week with a rep. for Resound.
>  They are interested in providing hearing aids to me and my patients.  I'm
> curious what your experiences have been with the product, turn-around,
> customer service, quality, etc.  How is it different from the Siemens
> "Frontier"?
> Anxious to hear how you have fared.  Is it worth adding?  I am currently
> working with Siemens, and 3M programmables.  
> Does Resound offer any benefit?

I am a recent graduate of Washington S.U., and am going to open my own practice
in Montana.  I went to a Resound seminar in Seattle in March, and have the same
questions.  I was not particularly impressed.  Especially given some of the 
things that a couple of the dispensers said while there.  I know that MANY people
in my area fit Resounds, some almost exclusively.  Please let me know why I
should get involved with this company.

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