Surgically inflicted tinnitus

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>Last year I had nasal reconstructive surgery.  Before the surgery,
>I was shown a video of the surgical techniques and given a list of
>possible side effects.  I viewed and read this information carefully
>and saw nothing in the materials that I believed would be more
>difficult to deal with than the lack of air volume I had experienced
>for the past 30 years.  A few weeks after the surgery, a vein deep
>in my sinus cavity burst and an inflatable catheter was inserted 
>deep into my right nostril to stop the bleeding.  Within a few hours
>I returned to the emergency room because I felt tremendous pressure
>building up in my right ear.  My surgeon discounted the pressure and
>pain and the catheter was left in place.  By the next morning, my
>ear was loudly ringing and was nearly deaf.  The catheter was slightly
>deflated at that point and the pressure relaxed over the next few 
>days.  A week later it was removed and I complained of the tinnitus
>and loss of hearing.  I was tested and discovered to have experienced
>severe hearing loss in the right ear.  

What are the odds of this happening? Does anyone have the statistics?

An otolaryngologist told me two weeks ago I should have a "Septplasty." Is 
this the surgical procedure you had?

I have lived 62 years not able to breathe well through my right nostril. 
Should I live the next 62 years with or without the surgical procedure 
being done?

Paul Woodard
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