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> Hello?  Wow!  It's finally here...the audiology news group.
> Hmmm...I'm glad I got my vote in on time...but where *is* everyone?
> Well, *I'm* here, so I'll just introduce myself.
> My name is Laura.  I am an audiology undergrad. at James Madison
> University in Harrisonburg, VA.  Actually, we don't have an
> "audiology" major--just Comm. Sciences and Disorders, but that's
> what I want to do my grad work in.  I'm a senior this year, but
> being the glutton for punishment that I am, I will be here next
> year, after finishing my BS in Psychology, so that I can also finish
> my work with CSD.  Don't know yet where I want to attend grad school.
> I'm still trying to figure that out...hopefully, after writing for
> more info to about 30 potential schools, I will have a better idea.
> I think I'd like to work with the kids--the little ones--in order that
> they may have an easier time growing up (seems like an oxymoron, doesn't
> it?  "easy time" and "growing up?"  just *without* a hearing impairment!)
> Anyway...I was really excited to see this group finally formed, but
> a littel disappointed that no one wrote anything.  Have to be patient
> I guess.  Please write--I'd love to hear from other audiology students
> as well as practicing audiologists and/or professors!

Hi Laura,

This group caught my eye because my wife is an Educational Audiologist,
which means she does stuff that is probably similar to what you want to
do.  If you want, I'll forward any messages that you want to send her (she
doesn't have e-mail or even and Internet connection as far as I know). 
Anyway, she went to Illinois State University, which apparently has an
excellent program, and I'm sure she knows about other programs, too.  

Also, I have a question.  This is the first time I've popped into this
group and it's unclear to me who established it and for what purpose.  If
you know this please tell me.  I think my wife will be interested in
coming into my office and checking this out, but I probably should have
better idea about what it is actually when I tell her about it.

Tim Horton

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