Petra Lutter plutter at
Fri Mar 3 05:12:54 EST 1995

Hello everybody!

First of all, congratulations to the organizers, that was hard work!
As one topic has already been brought up, I'd like to shortly describe what 
our Viennese group is doing:

We are a group of about 25 people coming from mathematics, physics,
electrotechnics and computer sciences. Basically, we deal with the following:

1. Modeling (we use Diependaal's model for basilar membrane motion and try to
incorporate our own modifications concerning nonlinearity and activity)

2. Speech coding (after selecting specific signals we simulate the resulting
vibration pattern at the basilar membrane stage to show that the tonotopic
principle cannot be the coding strategy for aperiodic speech elements and that
temporal coding could be the main tool)

3. Generation of speech signals (with the help of a sound blaster card we
established the software to create mathematically defined signals)
   As we mainly deal with WAV-files, some students of informatics have invented some
   WAV-TOOLs, which they want to be tested. If anybody out there is interested,
   we can support you with the package.

4. Hearing tests (our first test was a home-made tritone experiment (Diana
Deutsch), now we are preparing a rhyme test to check coding strategies)

5. Hearing cell(lately, some people have started building their own model of a
hearing cell (energy household))

Hopefully, I have not forgotten to mention a subgroup. Anyway, that was meant
to be a very rough overview, and perhaps somebody is interested in one of the
mentioned subjects to start discussions, but we are free to enter new fields
as well!

Therefore we are eager to get as much information from you as we can!
Don't hesitate!

Many, many greetings from Vienna,
Petra Lutter
Technical University Vienna
Inst. 114
email: plutter at
fax:   +43 1 5868093

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