Ringing in Ears

Brian Taylor bft at acpub.duke.edu
Fri Mar 3 03:05:20 EST 1995

Hello All!

I am a 20-year old student here at Duke, and although I am not an
audiologist, I have a question for all of those out there that are.

Basically, I have a nerve hearing loss, around 86 dB loss.  I wear two
hearing aids, both behind-the-ear Phonak PICS (very very nice - anyone else
have these?).  Anyways, the last couple of weeks, I have been having
severe  ringing in my left ear.  I don't think it is from the hearing aids,
because I got them in August and they did not cause this to happen before. 

It is keeping me up at night but seems to go away when I have the aids in
during the day.  I have not gotten a decent night's sleep in a month and
cannot even take naps anymore.  The funny thing is that it will seem to go
away with the aids in.  Or are drowned out...

In case you are wondering, I did see my audiologist about it, and she
looked in my ears and told me everything looked fine, and that a doctor
really could not tell me anything.  She did give me some things to try to
reduce the problem:

Reduce Caffeine
Reduce Aspirin (I never take it)
Reduce Stress (I exercise all the time)

My question to you is, do you know anything else that could help?  Could it
be the "program" in my hearing aids (programmable) that is maybe passing a
frequency that is bothering me?  Although if this were the case, I think
this would have started when I go the aids last year...
I am just concerned because I need to protect what little hearing I have
left and hope that this willnot adversely affect it.

Any suggestions would be welcome.  Feel free to e-mail or post, I can check
the group regularly.  Help!! I want to sleep again!  :)


Brian Taylor					        
Duke University '96
bft at acpub.duke.edu

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