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Jeffrey Sirianni sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
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>Basically, I have a nerve hearing loss, around 86 dB loss.  I wear two
>hearing aids, both behind-the-ear Phonak PICS (very very nice - anyone else
>have these?).  Anyways, the last couple of weeks, I have been having
>severe  ringing in my left ear.  I don't think it is from the hearing aids,
>because I got them in August and they did not cause this to happen before. 
>It is keeping me up at night but seems to go away when I have the aids in
>during the day.  I have not gotten a decent night's sleep in a month and
>cannot even take naps anymore.  The funny thing is that it will seem to go
>away with the aids in.  Or are drowned out...


>My question to you is, do you know anything else that could help?  Could it
>be the "program" in my hearing aids (programmable) that is maybe passing a
>frequency that is bothering me?  Although if this were the case, I think
>this would have started when I go the aids last year...
>I am just concerned because I need to protect what little hearing I have
>left and hope that this willnot adversely affect it.

My first reaction is that the aids may be set too loud.  Do you complain
of sound getting uncomfortably loud.  Even if you do not, there still may
be a possibility that your new aids are delivering a level that is causing
tinnitus that is related to loud noise exposure (ie the amplified sounds
that the hearing aids deliver).  Did your audiologist measure the sound 
pressure level (SPL) in your ear canals with the aids on. with say 70 dB
of input signal.  I don't know that much about your aids, in terms of
maximum output, but maybe someone else out there might know...

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