Testing my ears?

Jeffrey Sirianni sirianni at uts.cc.utexas.edu
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In article <3j4n89$r2u at spruce.cic.net>, jsa000 at colum.edu (James Addie) says:
>Spotted this group and though I'm not an audiologist, I am an audio 
>engineer.  I've wondered for a long time where to go to get my hearing 
>tested and end up with a better profile of my hearing than the usual 
>screening type of test i.e. mid-band tones at low level.  I'm interested 
>in 'frequency response' of my hearing. 


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Universities that have audiology training programs usually have an
on-campus clinic for testing students and members of the local
community.  Audiologists are also found in the community, usually
affiliated with Ear, Nose and Throat physicians.  You may want to
look in the phonebook under Audiology, or contact your local
university speech and hearing center and see if they are taking

If you leave your general location in a follow-up post, a reader
from that area may give you some advice.

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