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Thu Mar 2 11:17:58 EST 1995

In article <teb.385.2F55BCD4 at>, teb at (Tom Boismier, MPH) says:
>In article <thorton-0103950035570001 at> thorton at (Tim Horton) writes:
>Whoever established this group (I saw the name, but my memory is swiss 
>cheese...) has put up a couple of test posts to try out the different pathsways
>to get here, each have said "please wait for the official grand opening 
>announcement as soon as I have finished setting things up" or words to that 
>effect. Should be a good group once it gets going. Pass the word...

Well, we are now up and running !!

Susan Moreland will be posting a revised "Scope of Discussion" for
people who find this group, but are unsure to what it entails.  As
for now, the floor is basically open for questions and comments.

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