Terri Siegel artemis at
Sat Mar 4 07:02:23 EST 1995

Hi all,

     It's about time that there was a newsgroup for us!  I have been scouring 
the internet to find some audiological discussions.  Have been talking with 
several interested persons, namely George Osborne with AFA, Chuck Berlin with 
Kresge Research, and others who are very interested in grouping together some 
audiologists.  So now that we're here, let's stay active.  
     Recently, you may be aware that there was a meeting in Atlanta for the 
purpose of discussing the AuD degree and the feasibilty of establishing 
standards and equivalency.  Very interested to get some thoughts from 
professionals out in the field regarding pros and cons, and would you seek 
equivalency if it were attainable through computer courses?  

Terri, audiologist in Atlanta

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