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> My partner is interested in becoming an audiologist. She is a graduate 
> chemist, having graduated in 1990. Could anyone listening please advise us:
> (1) Can you recommend a (preferably one-year) course? We live in Cambridge
> but a move to London or some commuting might be acceptable.
> (2) How does one get jobs in audiology? Who are the main employers? RHAs, 
> local councils ... ?
> (3) What sort of personal qualities does a good audiologist need?
> If you can answer these questions or put me onto someone who can, please 
> reply or post.
> Thanks,
> Alan

There are many different careers in Audiology both in the public services
(National Health Service Hospitals and Trusts), 
Community services and Educational Audiology, and in the Private sector.

As far as I am aware there are no one year courses available in the UK
to qualify in Audiology.

I suggest your best bet is to contact

The British Society of Audiology at:

80 Brighton Road, Reading, RG6 1PS, England for further information.
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