Cochlear active nonlinear process: what is status of knowledge?

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Wed Mar 8 04:06:21 EST 1995

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>   I'm interested now to know what is the current thinking in regard to
>the active OHC process, and whether anyone is working on the effects of
>cochlear nonlinearity for speech perception.

Richard Hallworth (U Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio) has a paper
in J. Neurophysiol. (I think) that explored the OHC motility question in
quite a beautiful fashion.  He was able to quantify the contractions and
expansions using a light sensor.  He was also able to partition the OHC by
restricting the electrical stimulation to certain areas of the OHC membrane.
This is the last paper I have read on OHC non-linearity/motility and I would
suggest getting a hold of it.  I can dig it up if you need me to.

In terms of non-linearity and speech perception, well that is still pretty
unresolved at this time.... IMHO....

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