Any stuttering breakthroughs recently?

Greg Stovall gstovall at
Mon Mar 13 08:47:55 EST 1995

I am a male stutterer, age 31.  Currently employed in a position that
requires a lot of talking, meetings, and presentations, so I'm not 
isolating myself.  However, I would like to benefit from any recent
research that might improve my fluency.

I've had therapy since I was a child, peridically, up until about 8
years ago.

Public school therapy,              1973-1980
Callier S&H Clinic                  1981
University of Illinois S&H Clinic   1986-1987

In 1991, I looked into more therapy from the S&H clinic at Texas Christian
Univsity in Ft. Worth.  As usual, I performed wonderfully in the lab
situation.  The director of the program was "amazed at my understanding
and master of the current technique".

Any pointers?  The one thing I got dinged on in my yearly performance
review was communication skills; apparently I lose the audience when I

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