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In article <D553ww.5FC at>, sioufis at ERE.UMontreal.CA (Sioufi Serge) writes:
> I have to construct two paraboloid conjugate reflectors, to show
> the propagation and focalisation properties of acoustical waves.
> These reflectors will permit two persons to communicate by
> speech at distance.
> Obviously, some estimates on the different quantitive parameters
> must be calculated in advance to make them actually work:
>         -mean frequency of human voice for intelligibility
>         -diffraction patterns of human voice (intensity versus frequency)
> thank you so much,
In the sound reinforcement area we have found that boosting two frequency
ranges 2k - 3k, and 7k - 8k takes care of clarity in the voice.  2-3 k  is a
'sweet spot' in the hearing range ('ring' in the voice) and 7-8k is the
fricative, sibilant area.

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