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>btw, who initiated the RFD for this newsgroup? Thank you; it's long overdue.

I'm sure what an RFD is...

>I think an FAQ may be necessary. I've already seen a post from an 
>individual asking about 'auditory driving' or words to that effect.

Susan Moreland and I are looking for someone who is interested in putting
a FAQ together with info on all aspects of the newsgroup.  If someone is
interested in doing this, we appreciate the gesture...

>As in all things audiological, our field benefits from others with 
>diverse interests. An FAQ may also be a good way to spread the word that 
>*audiologists* are the professionals who are educated and trained to deal 
>with folks who have hearing loss.

One of our goals for the newsgroup is to expand the degree of professionalism
that audiologists have long been denied.  Thanks Rob for your support.


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