hearing aids

Eric Smith eric at Primenet.Com
Sun Mar 19 09:19:15 EST 1995

In article <3kctfp$d17 at necco.harvard.edu>,
Anthony Hartman <hartman at das.harvard.edu> wrote:
>I am not sure that this is the proper place to ask, but rec.audio
>seemed even more unlikely. Is there a source for information regarding
>the manufacturers and brands of hearing aids? Are there any advantages
>in getting the larger in-the-ear or the external type. Perhaps they
>can do some more sophisticated sound processing or filtering. 
>Finally, are there any devices that deal with the problem of background
>noise well enough to understand a conversation in a crowded room?
>Tony Hartman
>hartman at harvard.harvard.edu

I have a more specific request for information.  I want to get
information about the Danavox DFS 145 hearing aid.  I want to know
how long it's been available, how good it is or isn't, what features
it has, how much it costs, etc.  Does anyone reading this know
anything about it?

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