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Fri Mar 24 10:28:06 EST 1995

In reading a comment on Multifocus by Jochen Wolters he states that
is is manufactured by Phonak and involves several microphones to
cut down on background noise. 
Multifocus is made by Oticon and does not have a multimicrophone system.
Multifocus is based on two premises to improve hearing in background noise.
Separating the signal into high and low frequency bands to be amplified 
and varying the amount of input compression by frequency and intensity based
on the patients loss at that frequency and the loudness growth function 
by freqency for an individual patient.
Phonak  has recently begun maufacturing a multimicrophone system in thier
Sono Forte aids called AudioZoom.  
I have information on both of these systems if anyone is interested
email me at dybala at
The conversation on directional microphones was interesting though.

Thank you for your support,

Paul Dybala UTD

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