Phone device

Kerry Roberts kroberts at
Sun Mar 26 13:10:06 EST 1995

Hi, I have a moderately severe hearing disability in both ears and 
communicating over the telephone has always been a problem for me.  Just 
recently I had the local phone company build me a device for telephone use.  
I got the idea from a friend who built a similar device himself.  I had the 
phone company take my Phonic Ear Y-Cord and patch it directly into the 
telephone.  When I use the phone with this device, I switch my hearing aids to 
the T-switch, lift the receiver, and I have direct sound from the telephone to 
BOTH my ears.  The device also has a volume control to amplify the sound.  
This device does not correct the problem but it is, by far, the best phone 
device I have ever tried.  If anyone would like more detail on the device, 
don't hesitate to E-mail me. (kroberts at


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