Tom Muller mullert at
Sun Mar 26 01:53:03 EST 1995

dybala at wrote:
> In reading a comment on Multifocus by Jochen Wolters he states that
> is is manufactured by Phonak and involves several microphones to
> cut down on background noise. 
> Multifocus is made by Oticon and does not have a multimicrophone system.
> Multifocus is based on two premises to improve hearing in background noise.
> Separating the signal into high and low frequency bands to be amplified 
> and varying the amount of input compression by frequency and intensity based
> on the patients loss at that frequency and the loudness growth function 
> by freqency for an individual patient.
> Phonak  has recently begun maufacturing a multimicrophone system in thier
> Sono Forte aids called AudioZoom.  
> I have information on both of these systems if anyone is interested
> email me at dybala at
> The conversation on directional microphones was interesting though.
> Thank you for your support,
> Paul Dybala UTD

Yes, I cought the error also.  The name was simply wrong, but the information
was pretty good.  The Phonak device referred to is the AudioZoom Behind-
the-Ear aid with a highly directional mic.

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