Audiology text recommendations

Jim Chinnis p00511 at
Tue Mar 28 09:43:29 EST 1995

I would appreciate advice on one or more books that might help me 
branch out a bit into some research areas related to audiology and 
auditory aspects of neuroscience.  I have a PhD in psychology 
(mathematical and neuroscience) from 1973, but have not kept up with 
the neuroscience field since.  I am also a physicist.  I did some 
research in very elementary aspects of single fiber coding in sensory 
systems long ago.  I would like to get a cram course in all things 
related to hearing, with emphasis on what is known about the more 
distal parts of the auditory system, especially coding of information 
from the hair cells to higher pathways and centers.  Up-to-date info is 
especially sought.

Can anyone help me find the book(s) to get started?  Thank you!

Jim Chinnis

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